I started a blog

I started a blog

I know—who gave me permission to be so ahead of the curve?

I may be a little late to the game in 2020, but I made it.

The original idea was to make a blog for book reviews only, but what if I wanted to talk about literature in general? What if I wanted to share book-related memes and videos? What if I just felt like quoting some passages? And what if I wanted to write some book reviews too?

Welcome to The Book Broad, a.k.a. me, a.k.a. this site, where I hope to do all of that and more.

Topics will likely include the genres and series to which I’m most partial—dystopian, memoir, mystery, YA, and horror are up there, for the record—but I plan to get poetry in the mix, along with classics, bestsellers, and then some.

Plus, I want to talk reading habits, writing tips, libraries, adaptations, criticism—I’m so excited, you guys! Check back in and subscribe/follow if any of this sounds fun to you, and thanks for reading.

Let’s get lit!