This podcast is really good.

Lolita Podcast is super interesting.

It’s about the 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov and all the adaptations and pop culture it spawned.

More importantly, it’s about the anti-abuse intention of the novel vs. the patriarchal canon framing it as “a great love story.” It’s about Dolores Haze, the fictional twelve-year-old victim in the novel, vs. the “seductress Lolita” we see in pop culture.

From high fashion campaigns, to countless pop and rock songs, to questionable film and stage adaptations, and so much more, Lolita gets glamorized in Western society without much reference to its horrifying source text. It’s romanticized as a forbidden love story—a sexually mature nymphette and a misunderstood older man against the world.

All this, when the actual novel is about a pedophile grooming, manipulating, kidnapping, and raping an underaged girl.

Hm. Wonder who benefits from making the culture at large view Humbert and Lolita as a love story. (Hint: It’s not young girls.)

Hosted by comedian Jamie Loftus, this podcast is extremely well-researched and sensitive to the topic. It’s only 10 episodes, so it’s pretty finish-able.

Listen wherever you listen to podcasts, or check it out at iHeart here.


The economics of the wizarding world don’t make sense

There’s a band called Harry and the Potters, and they sing songs about, you guessed it, Lord of the Rings.

Right. So, they sing songs about Harry Potter, and sometimes those songs are about how the economics of the wizarding world don’t make sense.

I live for a good, obscure worldbuilding roast.

My wand only cost seven galleons
That doesn’t seem like much
No, it seems like a bargain

How does Ollivander stay in business?
There’s only so many kids
Who buy wands
There’s only so many kids

Ten galleons for a unicorn hair
Seven galleons for a brand new wand
Ten galleons for a unicorn hair
Minus three to Ollivander